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What are you waiting for......?

We need to talk....

Are you fed up with juggling, work, relationships, family with current or past issues hanging over your head like a dark cloud?  Are you surviving but not thriving?  Do you look at yourself, your life, your relationships and think its all getting too much?  Have you struggled to communicate with your partner, friends or family, or kept problems to your self because you don't want to concern others, or think they too have their own stuff going on  themselves?


I get it, I too have been there, felt a burden, kept quiet, and found it difficult to ask for help.  Or when I did open up, I bored my kind and trusted close friends and family with my problems over and over again.  I also read up on as many self help books as I could and, went online to research ways to resolve my issues.


However, it became apparent that I was stuck, trying to find answers on my own.  So, I sought professional support to help me talk through difficult and painful issues.  

I found it was liberating and beneficial to talk openly about my thoughts and feelings with an unbiased, neutral person.

In doing so, I gained new ways of looking at things, and insights into what had been dragging me down.

This professional support had a positive effect, on my emotional, mental and physical well being, and I learnt coping skills to help me manage any future issues .

This positive experience led me to pursue a rewarding career in counselling, and inspired me to want to help others stuck in negative emotional cycles and difficult challenging situations

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